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At Dental Care Consulting in Palm Harbor, FL our staff will help guide you through all your dental care processes. We can also supply unexpected emergency dental care to make sure that your smile issues are met quickly during our daily business hours. In the case of an emergency situation, you will certainly have assurance that specialists are aiding you quickly and professionally.


We are devoted to making sure you are supported at all times. Below is a smaller introduction of the support services we supply that can help you recognize precisely what we provide and what we are able to do for you and your teeth.

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From basic teeth cleaning to the far more intrusive tooth removal, our clinic is able to manage all your dental goals. Look below for a concise summary of just a few of our support services here at Dental Care Consulting.


  • Teeth Cleaning

    The core component of oral care. Teeth cleaning is an easy, pain-free approach to keep your smile healthy and balanced.

  • Teeth Whitening

    In order to get rid of staining and make your teeth whiter and more vibrant, teeth whitening is an excellent aesthetic dentistry choice.

  • Tooth Extraction

    For whatever the reason you might require it, tooth removal is a very routine procedure, and our dental care crew are pros in this area.

  • Pediatric Dentistry

    Beginning oral care early promotes excellent brushing and flossing routines and can help keep teeth in good shape for life.

  • X-Rays

    X-rays really help us view the interior working of your teeth and gum tissues. Amongst the most useful and essential devices in the oral industry.

  • Filling Cavities

    Filling cavities is a basic, uncomplicated procedure carried out to revive teeth harmed by decay so it may go back to its standard shape and function.

Our ultimate goal is to make sure each and every individual, big or small possesses a healthy smile.

By discovering problems earlier and dealing with them quicker, we serve to help prevent significant health problems in folks of all ages. From children to our elderly and everyone between, we here at Dental Care Consulting want to make certain you will smile for a very long time to come.


It has been the general agreement for decades now that people really should come in for an examination every six months. This will vary though depending upon the overall health of your mouth. Some individuals with exceptional brushing and flossing routines might not have to come in as often, and others may have to come in far more often.

As a result of dental x-ray innovation we are able to see the health of your teeth and gum tissues internally. These types of x-rays permit us to see the inside of your mouth which serves to help us assess exactly what kind of dental treatment you require. That being said, kids usually need more routine x-rays as their teeth are more compact and it is much easier to get cavities between their small teeth, but it is valuable for all ages.

This is typically done by a dental hygienist before seeing the dentist and is the technique of scaling, debriding as well as polishing the teeth. A variety of different tools are utilized throughout a professional cleaning to loosen up and get rid of cavity enducing plaque build-up and enable the hygienist to get to and clear areas you are unable to do at home. It is not an uncomfortable process whatsoever and will leave your mouth feeling superb.


Get in touch with us today 727-639-7078

Our dental patients love us! Look below at things that just a couple of our clients have to say about our clinic and our extraordinary team of dental practitioners.


More Information About Palm Harbor, FL

Palm Harbor is a census-designated place and unincorporated community in Pinellas County, Florida, United States. As of the 2016 American Community Survey, the CDP had a population of 60,236.[3]

One Step-by-Step Help guide to Choosing a Reliable Dentist inside your City

Are you finding yourself requiring dental services? A lot of people proceed to the nearest dentist’s office, believing that all dentist are the same. It’s worth noting, however, that selecting the wrong one can waste lots of your precious money and time. You must recognize that your choice includes ramifications who go way outside your initial visit. So, how would you begin locating a reliable dentist in your city? Here’s a quick guide to help you cope with the method.

1) Does the dentist value your state of health?

In the initial consultation, you should observe whether the dentist is concerned about your entire body health and not just your teeth. Your oral health carries a significant effect on all of your body. A reputable dentist takes enough time to question relating to your health past and educate yourself on how your gums and teeth affect other places of the body.

2) Is definitely the dentist a member of a professional organization?

It’s always a plus when you work with a dentist who is part of a professional organization. These organizations might have members all over the world, and all are held on the same standard. They share valuable knowledge particularly on the latest methods in dental treatment. Many organizations also concentrate on offering education courses to further the skills and knowledge in their members. Don’t hesitate to inquire about what organization the dentist is part of and do your research regarding it.

3) Where does your insurance company point you?

A lot of people pick a dentist depending on what their insurer tells them. Of course, this is an try to save as much money as possible. You can find cases, however, through which you really should pick a different dentist, particularly if need specialized care. It is possible to ask your enterprise whether you possess an from network option. This reveals more opportunities for discovering the right dentist for yourself while still saving money.

4) Ask recommendation from family, friends, and workmates

Word-of-mouth works wonders when selecting goods and services, but it could also be applied when evaluating a dentist with your city. Ask your friend, family members, and colleagues for recommendations. There’s a high probability that they’ve already dealt with an established dentist. Just be certain that this dentist they have got dealt with is an expert in the sort of service you require. This is probably the best ways to instantly define your list.

5) Research the dentist online

The most effective dentists normally have some level of online presence. Instead of flipping from the classifieds, use the web and find what other individuals have to express about the dentist. Remember, though, which not all reviews might be trusted. Some are only manufactured, so be sure you use reliable sources. An effective manifestation of an authentic review occurs when it is going into information regarding the actual dental procedures performed by the dentist. This is comparable to getting recommendations from people you realize, however it offers the main advantage of getting more feedback from past clients.


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